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At S.E.A, Education for Life, Excellence in Education and Commitment are of prime importance. Quality education is provided to each and every child. SEAIS believes that love for education should be developed for children in the initial years and atmosphere should be created for them to pursue a positive approach in life.

A unidirectional teaching method is being increasingly substituted by a multidirectional group workshop method. Here the teacher becomes a group co-ordinator initiating work, nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework. Development of oral and written expression is emphasized upon. Home assignments are not a carry-over of classwork but oriented towards honing individual talents.


With the vision of building an ‘excellent-tomorrow’ for your child, SEA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL partnered with an Educational Company called Educational Concepts Innovators International (ECII) to bring to our portals the “Cambridge Young Learners Examinations” to help our children achieve their full potential in later life. The idea of Cambridge Young Learners English is to set international standards in the learning of language in primary school. This is done through a series of three tests that are designed to encourage good learning, development of all-round language skills and a high standard of confidence and achievement in English. Preparing for the Cambridge Young Learners tests offer your child the opportunity to build a very strong foundation in English, which is important for the future.


In order to develop team spirit, co-operate effort, the school is divided into four Houses named:- Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond, which stands for some motto-

  • Ruby – “Aspire to Attain”
  • Sapphire – “Strive to Succeed”
  • Emerald – “Deeds not Dream”
  • Diamond – “Action not Words”

All school activities, games, and sports are conducted on a house basis. At the end of the academic year, the house positions based on points secured on academic work and competitions in various activities held during the year are announced at the School Assembly. In addition to the prizes awarded, individual awards for good character and conduct as well as excellence in curricular activities are also awarded.